Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sorry Cayman

Cayman is our dog. Every summer we get Cayman a pool so she can go somewhere to cool off. And Aaron took it over this year! We put our bigger Walmart pool down at my moms (one street away) because she has less trees and better backyard for one of those blue pools from walmart, anyways we got cayman this one tonight and Aaron kinda took over. Now Aaron can get away with things from Cayman that nobody else can, they were babies together and both are three; luckily Cayman, (dog years) she's older and puts up with Aaron. Never will I forget having two babies, Aaron and Ashlein and a puppy all at the same it was like triplets except the puppy wore me out, ( atleast the babies pooped in diapers) Cayman, yes we were trying to potty train. And at 5 in the morning both babies were sleeping sound and Cayman would wake me whinning to go outside I should of just got another baby it would have been easier... But we love you Cayman.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun!

Aaron and I spent about an hour outside just trying to get some fresh air but it was so hot! So thats about all we lasted outside, or I should say all I could handle Aaron could play outside all day especially when it comes to playing in the sprinkler!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Randy!

My husband, my best friend, the Love of my life, my biggest fan, the best father ever, I Love this Man!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Oldest

Proud daddy

A spider I believe
His normal babies he was bummed hope to get a couple albiano's didn't happen
Mad MAMA and I was taking the picture

Have to brag on my A.T. for awhile I hardly ever post about him, because well he is 15 in half so he isn't home much unless it's to eat, sleep, get on the computer or xbox and or get money, although he usually has more then me the kid knows how to keep cash, all excited today telling me how much his pay check was for... Anyways this kiddo has always had an amazing brain and way to smart for his age ever since he was 2 we knew just how smart he was. Well he has been into snakes, (started out with lizards) for a very long time. He saved and saved and spent every dime for the last several years on snakes, studying and reading endlessly about the morphs and different breeds and what the snakes will sell for anyways way beyond my comprehension usually when he wanted to try to explain all the stuff to me I would just listen trying to be a good mom and be supportive in his interest. Anyways he was excited when he found out the male he had loaned to another breeder's eggs finally hatched those are the babies he just brought home see pic of lots of little guys all together. But he when he got home from a friends last night and went up stairs to discover his female he had breeded months back layed eggs he was estatic! Now I was just getting pretty excited because he had been talking lately of selling off his snakes (just not that into it as much) and wanted the money in his acct. for his truck, but now I think that thought is a thought of the past with all the excitement of being a new daddy. I'm like, you need to start working on getting rid of some of these babies sell them, LOL! He used to always say he wanted to be a baby doctor OBGYN and I believe it he is very amazed with birth or hatching if you will. But lately he has been talking about being an ENT the type of doctor my stepdad was he was very close to PaPa. Anyways A.T. got accepted into the bioscience medicine academy at Francis Tuttle he will spend the next three years of high school taking his advanced math and science courses at the state of the art new facility, where he will really find out if this is the direction he would like to pursue in college. I Love this kid he amazes me daily with his pure ability to go after what he wants. I just can't believe he has grown up so fast!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My dads piece of paradise

Northern California is a beutiful place, pine trees and water holes everywhere. I had a great visit and got to attend my sisters high school graduation. Madi loves hangin out with the girls and bike riding, hiking and going to the lakes but she really enjoys the chickens even know she claims to be afraid of them she asks to feed them everyday! We had some great one on one time of mother bonding on the airplane trip here and at night as we giggled like little girls laughing over some really stupid things but it was fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Princess

What a great weekend making wonderful memories. I Love this sweet child so much she melts my heart, Ash will come up to me at any given time and say "I Love You Aunt Kristy". I'm amazed to look back now and see how Gods hand worked in this whole situation and how we have been able to get to play a part in this precious girls life even after I thought my heart was broken forever. God has put two different families who might have never known each other and has worked his good through it all, amazing two families wanting what is best for this precious little girl. Aaron is having a harder time letting go at the end of the weekends together he really loves her it is so very special as do all three of my kiddos!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every Little Princess Must

Get her hair ready the night before her big party! Ashlein is so great about letting us play with her hair, she say's what r u doing Aunt Kristy and I said putting curls in your hair for church and your party tommrow, and she say's ok Aunt Kristy LOL she is so cute!