Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer 2011

Well Summer... It's going fast and it's very hot! Summer is flying by and before I know it I will have a all day Kindergartner, a Sophomore, and a SENIOR!! And of course cannot to forget Miss Lavender, I plan on enrolling little miss into a mothers day out, but then what would I ever do with myself 2 days a week that are childless, well I think it's time to find out. We started summer out by having our God daughter Ashlein for 9 days and celebrated her 5 year birthday. My senior pretty much goes to work and hangs out with his buddies and girlfriend so he isn't home much, Gods way I'm sure of preparing me for his leaving in a year. My Madison has been very busy with competing in the Miss teen Oklahoma pageant, Falls Creek, babysitting, Galveston and Dallas trip with her best friend and hanging with me and the little ones. Aaron man has been keeping busy with VBS, fireman camp, first season of tball, and swimming just about everyday! Lavender is growing so fast not that she is really big but she is so smart and talking more each day she picks words and phrases up it's adorable and she is very strong willed! We still have not finalized her adoption but it's getting close very close I cannot wait for her to be a forever Payne!!!! Some pics of our summer.