Friday, May 28, 2010

How Can It Be True?

How can it be true?
How can I be this much in Love with you?
I can just sit and watch you sleep and not even make a peep.
Your eyes sparkle.
Your smile is remarkable.
It makes my heart melt.
How can it be true.
That I have fallen this much in Love with you?
Lavender your just so calming.
Just like the the smell when everything is so crazy.
Just holding you calms me.
You are so calming to your brother just like the smell you calm his spirit.
Therapy to him he loves you so.
How can it be, how can he love you so.
I Love you so.
I can't ever imagine letting you go.
My prayer tonight is for you to be mine forever.
But God already knows his plan for you whatever it may be.
I hope he listens to my plea.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loving this girl as long as I can!

All I can say is she has an amazing personality and she is so stinking cute! The odds are against me as far as getting to adopt this bundle of complete JOY! Distant and I mean Distant family members inquiring but more then that my hubby says no right know to adoption it breaks my heart and I pray that if it is Gods will he will speak to Randy but most of all that he will be open to hear, so I need to just stay in the day and moment and Love on her as much as I can and thats all I can say.