Monday, January 7, 2013

Today is January 7,2013

Life as I live it, day to day

I'm 7 months away from turning 40. My life.... to be most recently easiest and summed up to be described from my mouth as,"there are good days and bad days". Yes I know that's common with almost everyone I know or have met, yet if you would have asked me 7 years ago if I thought that would be my staple response to my life I would have questioned it.

This morning consisted of a pretty large meltdown on a scale 1-10 probably a 8 of one of my children. Why an 8? Well while there is a complete and utter mess to be cleaned up, from the aftermath, no one was physically hurt and it only lasted about 15 minutes.

I was successful in getting my children off to school, I was able to throw on my sweats you know, the ones us mom's throw on in attempt to go out in public in. As we are leaving the house my amazing husband, says" I love you", my response"I know..... You would have too" both of us giggled and headed on our ways. On the way to school explained to my 6 year old how God loves him, and God can heal him. Then

Said good by to my loving and sensitive son, as he said goodbye in a calm fashion telling his sister he loved her and to have a good day. Made it by my mothers to pick up paper work, and calmly asked her, " is my head spinning around?

Finishing this post today with this. I have been challenged to tell my story. You see I'm the mom who missed most of the sermon Sunday but caught the part that God intentionally had me hear. I'm the mom that many Sundays sits in the lobby with her son because he can't handle the classroom

for his age. Yes I'm the mom allowing her son to have the little red plastic ball to play with in the lobby at church in attempts to keep the rages down and actually get our family to church. Our world we live in is not set up nor tolerant of the day to day issues that face families that have obstacles to overcome, and quite frankly need a miracle. So please if you find it in your heart or hear it in a voice to give a kind word to a parent obviously having a rough day, it can make a difference. Until you have lived in someones shoes we have no right to judge, or condemn we are called to pray, uplift and support our sisters and brothers. I conclude with this. Don't feel sorry for me, you see I KNOW THAT God has called me to my life and he will and has continually equipped me with what I need to raise God loving, God fearing children. I know in my heart that God and only God has the power to heal and I thank him daily for that because without that the bad days would be never ending. We wouldn't have the hope, the promise of new life