Sunday, February 24, 2013

Look Who's Three!

 Crazy about this particular 3 year old, she's Loved for sure, as sassy as can be!
 Always Silly! Extremely intelligent...

    Very Sincere! Gorgeous in every way! She will choose a salad with ranch over a bowl of ice cream, Dora is still her favorite show to watch, She will haul off and hit big brother Aaron but will cry and hug him in remorse. Smart as a whip, very strong willed, independent Little Miss!

     Around 3 years ago we got the call, the call that would forever change our lives. Little did we know Gods plan then. The call was a DHS worker who had a 2 week old baby girl, she was in a emergency foster home and needed a foster home.    I WAS ELATED WITH EXCITEMENT, and accepted the placement and within only a few hours she arrived, at our home.
    Quickly and madly in Love we fell. It wasn't a smooth ride through our adoption journey with Little Miss, but  it was orchestrated exactly how our heavenly Father knew it would be and in the end Gods plan could not be thwarted. It's hard for me to see my baby turning into more of a little girl everyday, and I know all too well how fast this time goes by. So we cherish every moment.
    Lavender Grace, I will admit when she first arrived we said, "Lavender"? Is that really her name. But within weeks her name was her in every way.  It's a precious gift that her birth mother gave to her and their could never be a more beautiful name for her, and if when she sees anything that is remotely purple she says,'Hey that's my color!"
   Things that need to be accomplished in the real near future... We need to potty train, and find a way to loose the pacifier, but I'm not to worried as I know we will not show up for kindergarten in diapers and if we have to we can leave the passy at home :)