Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do you think it's bad when...

Do you think it's bad when you go through the starbucks drive-thru and order not only a carmel frapp for yourself but you childs mother day out teacher because you know she is going to need the extra energy to keep up with your child? I know I'm totally pms ing but I'm ready to break down bawling at anything right now I'm completly exhausted with keeping up with my beautiful son. Me, my daughter, sister and mother are leaving for Dallas tommrow just the girls for Madi's pom nationals competion and I'm so excited to get rejuvenated and refreshed and be ready to take on Aaron again I only feel for my husband who will be home running around after Aaron. I know it's good for them, I usually completly care that his rountine is exact and things are done my way a bit of a control freak but at this point I just hope the house is standing the boys have ate and Aaron gets changed in a timely manner oh yeah and that he doesn't sneak out when Randy isn't looking, if all that goes ok while I'm gone I'll be ok. Thank all of you that just let me vent and I know someone is listening or reading that is so I feel like I have let it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Recertifing foster

Well at 4:30 our foster worker is coming out to do our annual recert after every year they do this so we have to pull the fire extinguisher out, plug up all the outlet make sure firealarms are working ect. I'm doing this because I don't want to have to start all over again If we decide to take a placement because just going through the whole process again would be enough to keep me from not fostering. I'm still praying for what direction God has me to go in this whole thing with DHS. I love children and babies and want to do my part in helping with the ones in need right here in our own state I'm just waiting I guess for that word from God please pray for me and our family for direction with this Thank you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today and the last few days

Wow we have been going in circles with our beautiful son the 3 year old. The last 3 days I have been not home with him all day as usual Dad stayed home Thursday and Friday and my daughter watched him for awhile today. I was in training thur-Fri to be on a team who responds to help the police officers family in a time of crisis. Today showing offices to a doctor moving to town. Anyways Aaron is completley out of wack of sorts. Last night we were all sitting in the dining room finishing up dinner and my daughter went upstairs I thought Aaron had followed but after about 10 minutes of way to quite I began to just check, he was no where to be found. My mother in law went down one street as I went down another to my neighbors 2 houses down across a main road that is luckily closed off for construction right now sure enough he had walked into her house and said Jackie, she said Aaron where is your mom and he said I with Daddy and she thought ew Randy is in so much trouble... LOL She said she hesitated to call me she was going to walk him back down just as i got to her house my phone was on silent so she had called 2 with no answer. He has learned to disable the child proof handle on the knob and we had not pushed the slider over up top. Today he went down stairs I thought Randy was with him but no he was in the basement pouring paint all over the stairs. He has started this new thing when acting up at stores whren I pick him and whisper stop it or we are going to the bathroom he starts screaming as loud as he can I'm sorry mommy over and over again so everyone is staring at me like I abuse my child. Hopefully this will all pass soon as the next several days are back to our normal schedule thank goodness! Oh yeah one more thing he got into the grease again tonight but this time I couldn't get it all out when washing it two baths and showers tonight! I'm tired wonder why think I should call it a night.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aaron starts OT tommrow

I'm a little nervous but my hoping to tap into exactly what makes aaron tick and how he learns outweighs the nervous side. Sooner Start ended at three years of age and kinda a blessing, this motivated me to check into different avenues for Aaron. It just so happened right next to my dentist right down the street there was a private center called the spectrum center I stuck my head in one say one thing lead to another and we were there 2 hours testing/playing on Monday. Not all sure what they wrote down I'm sure I'll learn as we go but they started Aaron on a hour of speech therapy a week and an hour of OT a week. They were talking and I was trying to hear everything we were talking about Aarons lazy eye (more dominant when tired) and they pointed out to me his whole left side of his face was weaker even his smile when I went back and looked at pictures I could see, they said this could be neurological? I had the conversation about Genes verses Drugs while pregant. We will never completely know the truth but I'm really thinking that a lot of what is going on with my guy is genes his bio brother and his personality's are exact although his brother is medicated so a lot of his behaviors are not as extreme but we kept him overnight one time and when medicine wore off whew a lot of work put it that way! I just want to do what is best for my little guy and help him so much reach his fullest potential. It's scary and sometimes I just want to pretend like he is just like any other 3 year old but the fact of it all is God gave us a very special child and at the end of the day I remind myself he must really trust us as parents. I remember when Aaron was still really small I was having a sorta anxiety about what if this or that with him to my husband and he looked at me and said then we will deal with it as it comes and pray about it, I will never forget those words of affirmation coming from my husband and knowing everything was going to be alright. I need to be praying harder and read my little book the power of a praying parent!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Somebody's wants all the attention!

We were taking pictures with my sister and brother in law before we left on our date night but Aaron couldn't handle not being in the pictures he is so use too the camera on him all the time so we had to take some pictures of him and I he was cheeseing it up!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends!!! Aaron has had way too much sugar and I'm begining to regret that. I'm going out for a date night with husband tonight so excited!

Monday, February 9, 2009

One of those days

I'm getting pretty quick with my camera especially when I can't help but laugh, when I caught Aaron in the bathroom into the hair grease I instantly thought of your post Molly when one of the boys got into some type of cream and it was all over them, needless to say Aarons hair has enough grease stuff for a week even after I tried to wipe it out, his hair is really curly only in spots and straight in other spots, fun days at home.

On their own!

This was not asked by any adult we were getting ready to take Ashlein home and I turn around and they are hugging and saying Goodbye without any prompt, so very precious my heart was just glowing with happiness!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My sweet girl!

Ashlein wasn't feeling good Friday night so we canceled family pictures that night bummer but we will do again sometime.

Best Freinds Forever

I had already left to set up at Mcdonalds when my oldest took these pictures. Notice the baby lock on the door handle what you can't see is the extra slider locks up high Aaron loves to escape to the outdoors!

The Big 3 continue

Blog is being difficult tonight or I'm tired but couldn't type with pictures so here is a summary. Aarons birthday weekend was a blast so exciting to see him get so excited he really got it that it was all for him and that he is 3 now. We had a great time with friends at Mcdonalds and celebrated today with family I can't believe my baby is 3 it seems like he was a screaming baby just yesterday.

The Big "3"!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines booth

Ok so Red it was fun!! Spent the last three days painting because everything furniture wise sold so we were empty a good thing! Aaron's bday is Friday so I'm hitting the road to Enid Thursday to get our dear Ashlein to celebrate along with his little friends. Look forward to posting pictures!