Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miss Madisons new room!

Well we are not completly done yet but good enough for pictures we have black and white pictures to hang, I'm blowing up a picture of a street sign in Edmond that is Madison street in black and white and a picture of a really pretty ornate wrought iron gate. Madison loves her new teenage room and said it turned out way better then she expected. I want to find a large area rug in black and white too maybe zebra print any suggestions?? This was our Spring break project but took more time then one week. Yes that is a king size bed for an almost 13 year old we wanted to fill the whole cove and keep it low like a platform so Randy fixed it for us yeah, also now there is plenty of room for Miss Ashlein to share the bed with Madi when she stays over, and we added the black and red dressor to have some extra drawers for Miss Ash when she visits. Ashlein always comments to Madi that it is their room pretty cute when she has come for visits in the past she says ,"it's our room" so cute! Anyways wanted to share the new teenage room but I like it too and I'm 35! Oh yeah the French sign is, "You are my sunshine" I sing this to the kids everynight after prayer, well my oldest doesn't let me anymore but Madi still loves it and makes me sing it once in awhile and we still have to close our eyes while I singing I have no idea why but she insists.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

aarons hair

Molly I love your personality that comes through in your writting your so funny! I really have been wanting to try the Mix Chicks product that you have talked about but until I get my hands on that I got this stuff at Walmart called Oil Moisturizer, Hair Lotion with Castor Oil and Aloe. It is like a lotion for hair makes his hair very curly I use quite a bit first I spray his head with a water bottle then put a good amount on my hands rub around and then I crip his hair all over I love curls I'm going to try to let it grow longer, we will see....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good closeups

More pics opps

More pics with brother Sat.

Saturday was great! The boys are brothers and they have this amazing bond even know they do not live together. It's almost like their own language they get each other, Aaron acted out pretty bad when brother had to go but he was very tired and didn't really have control of emotions you could just tell, it was like: I don't know how I feel I'm sad, and where's my brother going and I can't figure all this out in my 3 year old brain so I will just act up and scream and kick. As a mother It was so easy to read but to hard to make him understand this is something as he gets older will be able to work out in his mind. So he went to bed very easily because he was exhausted and he had a good night sleep. Every since about 2-3 weeks after we put him back in a crib with tent he now is sleeping through the night again. And not in our bed. Can't wait to post pictures of my daughters new room we redid over spring break not quite done but as soon as it is I post all for now

Friday, March 20, 2009

Brother sleepover!

Aaron is so happy he loves his brother, it was so cute tonight MRS. Obama was on the news doing something and Aaron goes, "Titus look look your Ma Ma" I thought that was so cute Titus's mother is a very beautiful classy lady so I see the resemblence Aaron saw. We will have fun tommrow just playing and hanging out, Aaron is just taking it all in at times he would just climb up on my lap and stare at his brother, he is acting much older with Titus here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ok this is funny!

Madi decided to get out Aarons old sling from when he was a baby, well he loves it and begs for her to carry him around in it even no he is way to big he will pretend to be a baby and Madi loves it!


Aarons first soccer game it was hillarious! I think all kids cried at one point and ran off the field. As expected Aaron was very over stimulated with his sensory issues but this kind of thing is such good therapy for him, he did well just didn't like it when 1 another kid took the ball 2 the ref blew the whistle 3 didn't understand the outabounds thing pretty cute.
Update I have been led to talk to Greg and Beth Harkins once again so I will call them Monday and set tsomething up atleast this is where I feel led right now for the babies home. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers I will keep you updated.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok last night before we went to bed Randy said, I took Bendryol for allergies and I had dreams all night and can remember dreaming. He said must been the medicine because I never remember my dreams I asked him what was it about and he said him and I and kids, I kept prying he still at this point didn't know everything or anything that has happened in my day yesterday. I said our kids, were there more, he said they were not our kids just kids. Anyways I couldn't bring up the subject of the baby home because I didn't feel ready. This morning I was woken up at 5:00 hearing Joshua so I read oh my goodness it was time to talk to Randy so when he got home from taking the kids to school I sat him down and told him everything he was like me what, when, how, I just said I know but I have to have Faith he agreed and said he would start praying about this and I asked him if he thought I was crazy and he said yes but thats nothing different LOL! I read or got started on Joshua and was speaking to me please friends read this book I need to finish it tonight! I'm so excited nervous and amazed all at one time I'm so excited to share this with you Tracy and Molly you guys are great and both of your comments helped me so much today. The House would have needed to be bought today tommrow it is being auctioned and I can't be there or am I ready yet a few more things have to open up but if that is the home it will still be available to me next week somehow or I will allow God to show me which one it is suppose to be. I'm so blessed that the fianicial side is there and will be named after my step father, who passed away August 13, 2008 So the Hamilton House it will be!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayers needed

I'm really struggling with what direction my life is heading in with foster. I have been asking the Lord to speak to me clearly on how and where he wants to use me with our foster liscense and most recently I have really been thinking of how another baby would be good for Aaron and how I would like to jump back into foster, but then I'm not completly settled on that idea. I have always had this vision/word from God to open a facility for foster babies a home setting yet set up to handle many babies at one time. I got the pleasure of meeting Greg Harkins and his wife amazing people and they have started the Annas house foundation. They are basically wanting to have a baby house also but the state doesn't allow babies to be in group home type placements yet they are overcrowded at the shelter with babies, one Saturday I was at the OKC shelter for a birthday party for the children with citizens caring for children and there were atleast 5 babies in the nursery. So how can this be possible, I emailed my worker and asked how many babies could one foster family have and she said 2 but sometimes special situations they have allowed 3. I ask for divine word froim God direct me and I hear and get so far and then fall down again. I had this serious talk with God today and he was showing me here is the home and space one block north of me, I called a specific person in my life and shared with her, I have the means from this certain person to purchase this home yet I don't have the how where and the can I yet. I haven't even told my husband or really asked if I could have his blessing to move forward with this. I'm still being still kinda and waiting to hear more from God. I know that I have to have Faith and not everything will come at once but I'm also so confused. I know this morning whole ordeal was deffintly from God, I know that I will have to have my husbands blessing to move forward and that would have to be a God thing to/ just like when I first decided that I wanted to foster when they told me Randy would have to take the classes too I thought to myself oh well this isn't going to happen and to my surprise he was like sure I'll take the classes. I would have to have families or house parents who didn't mind living with a open door I would need many volunteers I would need DHS blessing and so on I know that I'm rambling but thats why I love blogging I can get it all out and then I feel better. One minute I feel defintly for sure that this is my purpose here on earth and the next minute I'm scared thinking what are you thinking this is more then you can ever do. So I'm asking you my christian friends to pray for God to clearly show me in what direction he would have me to go in, also this would mean to me quiting everything else like real estate/ my decorating business and puttting everything into this a home for babies and toddlers to feel safe and get the love and nuture they need while in DHS custody.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Boy!

Had a great weekend in Dallas but was so ready to get home and see my guys! Aaron right after bath tonight I missed him so much it was so good to get away but after 24 hours I wanted to hold my boy!