Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My feelings, and opinion on Medical Marijuana

    Its been two years since I last blogged, Wow! Well life is busy, full of crazy days and nights so I guess the time slips away until something extremely important, something you want everyone to know and the best way to do that is write. So hear it is. Obviously if you follow me on Facebook you have noticed I'm pro legalizing medical marijuana. So lets just start out right there. First and for most in my life is God, I'm a fully devoted follow of Christ. I believe he was crucified for our sins, rose again and is coming back. I AM a God loving Christ fearing, child of the one true king period. The second in my life is my amazingly supportive husband of twenty five years that yes happens to be a Police Officer who works daily to protect and uphold the law. Then there is our children who have our hearts and as parents will do just about anything for them.  So you get me, which if your reading this you already knew these things about me but it is the basis for why I'm sharing my views and opinions on this matter. I was raised in a traditional Christian home with christian values, I still at 43 put God first, I'm married to a Cop and have four amazing all in their own ways children. Well two are grown, better mention that I do not want them calling and saying mom were not children.  
     So onto the topic. Medical Marijuana, we have a child who has many diagnosis's and has many special needs. I have spent most of his ten years of life chasing after any and all things that could somehow help our child to become the best he can be. When your a mom, you will do about what ever it takes endless doctors appointments, therapies, therapy dog, and yes even medicine when your child cannot function in the home or in the community without them. That being said we have been to several specialists, several schools, several everything in search of help. We have as a family embraced our life with a child with special needs and have adapted fairly well. Our son takes twelve pills a day, a few of them are repeated through the day but yes 12 pills a day. All of which help with some of his symptoms but also hinder a lot as well. The long term side affects of many of his medications look grim and we already see so many that are beginning to look as scary as the symptoms we are treating. So guess what?! Remember that mom who will do anything for her children well, she is constantly online researching trying to find a better solution a better way to treat her son. And when time and time again your faced with articles of children who are having miraculous results in the autism symptoms or their seizure symptoms or adhd symptoms, these studies are proving over and over with child after child, that one natural grown out of our earth plant is providing. How do you not say and think this might be our solution, No harsh side affects slowing my child down, when God knows his brain doesn't need that. The list can go on and on of the side effects we face now.  For any of you reading this and do not know, No the children are not smoking a joint, they do not smell of marijuana, there is a oil based product several actually that are deprived from the plant, we can currently get the cannabis oil but it has to be free of the THC and most autistic children are seeing the amazing results from the cannabis oil with the THC, which is currently illegal in most states including ours.
    The good the bad and the ugly. Yes it goes along with everything in life we live in a sinful world and it doesn't seem to be that we can have good without the bad. Take gun control, guns in the right hands are safe, our law enforcement law abiding citizens who want to protect their home, Hunters who hunt for a sport. Yes there are the crazies who have absolutely no reason to have possession of a gun, and they kill innocent people this horrific tragedy happens daily, God come back soon! Do we then take away ones right to own a gun, because of the bad? So along those same lines leads me to the argument of the "pot heads",  whenever I enter into conversation regarding marijuana peoples defense is legalizing medical marijuana is just making it one step closer for for illegal use and trafficking and selling the drug. It is sad that if there isn't a medical need people would care nothing of a community and only look at it as a profitably gain, leaving behind messes and crap for others to deal with. That's the bad, of it, and I am sure there is more bad. If you know any thing about illegal prescription use and addiction that is very well alive and a huge problem as well.  But you know what not to many people are talking about, at least loudly, prescribed medications including Opiates, Benzos, "legal"crack,antidepressants, seizure medication slowing the brain transmitters down, anti psychotics many of these medications are being prescribed at an all time high while its all legal regardless of the side effects the pro longed addictions. As a mother of a child who needs many of these medications I'm not an any way lashing out at these doctors or companies prescribing and selling I learned a long time ago God made the hands that make the medications and as of now we are in need of these medications so my child can function on a day to day basis in the world we live in. But what if there is something better?? What if this is the answer we have been searching for for almost 10 years? and some families a life time. What if he and other children can have the medication their brain needs with out the harsh side effects? All from a plant that grows. What if when we take away the medications he's prescribed and his brain begins to function borderline again like when he was younger and not on so many meds slowing him down, putting him into the severe range now at 10.   What if?! How can someone deny the proof that is already happening in a few states, and deny so many people who need this medicine for a better quality of life. If your would have asked me 10-12 years ago if I was for this I'm not sure what my answer would have been, so I'm not judging anyone with other perspectives on legalizing Marijuana so if you have not walked in my shoes please don't judge me. I'm not a hippy loving pot head who just wants it legalized, honesty I tried it on my 13 birthday( sorry mom and Dad) I was so sick have never touched or thought of it again. Until now that it is proving to be a natural medicine for children with the same issues we have with our son.