Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pray for us Respite

I have said ok to respite from tonight thru Tuesday pray for me three toddlers in the house! This fostermom needed someone badly and for some reason I thought I can do this. Get this, a boy and girl 2 and 3 names are E--- and J---- I bet Tracey will figure these names out pretty fast anyways interesting. Will probally not be posting but will be checking in to check to see if Baby Emma has arrived !!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

After a lot of prayer

Well after praying about little B from the shelter and carefully considering it all weekend, I didn't have a complete peace about calling in about taking her in. My number one reason is my very active, at sometimes very aggressive three year old. Being that little B was severly abused and needs a lot of healing time being around a little guy well not so little, who might get jealous of her presence, and just might act out by his famous throwing arm I would hate for her to get hurt or scared after all she has already been through. I'm so praying for this sweet little girl to get a good secure healing placement, as I'm praying for all the children and babies out there with no place to call home this just breaks my heart. I'm hoping that very soon I can take in a newborn who is in transition to a families home or a good placement, a baby I can keep out of arms reach from (Mr. Aaron) and I think he would be much easier going with a baby who sleeps all the time as oppose to another active toddler. I just know I have to do something to help out and my husband has said ok to temporary placements so stay tuned for what God has instore for us!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A good day

Well today was good I got to go volunteer at the childrens shelter in OKC and I haven't done that for a year now. There were only about 14 kids usually a lot more and 3 toddlers, one I especially wanted to bring home. She just had got there this morning and her face was just bruised with a huge black eye and swollen she will be 2 in September I just wanted to hold her! This makes me so furious I can't comprehend how this is possible and how someone can be so evil to hurt an innocent child. Anyways I plan to call my worker on Monday and see if they need temporary placement to get her out of the shelter. All of the other kids seem to be happy for the most part and participating in all the activities that we had going on. Are time ended at the shelter with pizza for lunch and cupcakes! I came home and hugged on my precious 3 year old and thanked God for him! On a lighter note heres a couple pics of daddy and son on daddy's bike.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lake Today!

Ok so when my two older kiddos were little and my sisters kiddos were little we ventured to Lake Arcadia for a day in the sun playing in the lake and well dirt, all the time. I believe we had season passes a couple years in a row because way back then we didn't have much money and this was good entertainment for the kids, and being the Southern California girls we were we really missed the beach back then and this was the closest thing around to it. We my sis and I still miss the beach but nothing like when we first moved to Oklahoma, hot summers out here and all we could think about was running to the beach and that wasn't an option anymore. So out of no where I got this idea to take Aaron to Lake Arcadia for the first time along with My oldest his girlfriend his bestfriend and my daughter. It was a little weird not worrying about having life jackets for Austin and Madison because the last time we went to Lake Arcadia they had to wear them. Anyways we had a GREAT TIME the older kids loved it! Aaron also enjoyed himself alot, he was exhausted! I had to call my sis and insist on a family day out at the lake before summer is over and cookout the whole works she agreed and we set the date, so funny how simple things are so much family fun, it only cost $6.00 for the whole car load of us to get in CHEAP! Funny because I remember 14 years ago I think it was $6.00.(and that wasn't easy to find) Anyways back to the basics around here today and it was a blast! Bummer my camera was out of batteries so these are all I could get some quick videos and only one picture.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Having fun at Aarons brothers parents anniversary celebration!

Me and Alethea Titus's mom, I'm not liking the sun dress I wore looking very poochy! Aaron and I had a great time he ran around and played his little head off as you can see in the picture he was exhausted, it was like 10:00 at night when we decided we should get mother and son picture. I'm so glad we are all close and these two boys can grow up knowing and loving each other, I love to see them together the bond is awesome!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The newest Payne!!!

My nephew Garetts and his wife Luisa got a 4d ultrasound today here are just a few of the pictures of the sweetest my most favorite great nephew, hint the only haha. I can't believe tech now days I just wanted to cry and cry when I got my first view of this sweet little guy: Garrett Talis Payne due 9/8

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My two boys!

I'm so blessed!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Brother Love

We picked up Aarons brother today for some fourth of July fun. Aaron is loving it! He completely is in aw of his big brother yet picks at him just like a little brother it is so cute to see. Aaron loves him so much the bond is amazing to watch, everytime we get them together, it gets better and better Aaron really thrives and does well with his bro around. I wish we got together more but know that each time is special and building memories. I think it is so important to keep these family ties and I think it is amazing for Aaron to have a brother who looks just like him I think as he gets older he will be able to relate and say I look like Titus!