Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm in Love

Oh he's so sweet tiny and unresistable: Baby boy has won over my heart. I spent about 4 hours with him tonight at Childrens and it's very hard to walk out of his room knowing he is laying in his bed all alone. Now for him he knows no different since birth to 10.5 months he has been in the hospital with no one staying the nights with him. I know the difference though and it makes me cry. He needs a mommy. One that can bond love and nuture him he needs to be a baby not a grown up in a hospital bed all alone. Well grown ups don't even do well in those circumstances. Ok I'm trying to stay on the down low with emotions. But this is just sad. I'm now able to go and play and love him but honestly it probally seems easier to jump on a plane and goto Haiti and volunteer then it was overcoming all the obstacles to go volunteer in our own City!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well for 2 hours I held this precious baby boy while he was recieving his 3rd blood transfusion for the day following his major surgery, 11 months old has been in the hospital his whole life says the nurse. He was precious, and so helpless. I can't explain the feelings I had while I sat and rocked him. I did pray and pray for him and thanked God for my childrens health. I could of easily stayed the night with him but I need to remember my family at home. He cried and cried when I put him back in his crib and this ripped my heart out, please pray for baby boy.


Tonight once my dear husband gets home, I will take myself down to childrens where I will be voluntering by just holding and playing with a little guy! So excited I really feel led to help children in need and locally so this is a treat for me!!!It has taken like 4 days to get all the details worked out and I didn't think it would even happen so much red tape everyone saying someone other is in charge ect. But here it is the day I get to go love on a baby!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great way to relieve some extra energy!

Mission Accomplished two hours of swimming at the YMCA he is tired!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Victim ID'd In OKC Club Shooting - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

Victim ID'd In OKC Club Shooting - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City
Wanted to share with my praying friends. This is one of the 20 something 1/2 siblings to our baby.(well not so much a baby almost 4 now) Anyways (Aaron means messenger) and Moses well you all know who Moses was. I pray someday our Aaron can be an amazing messenger to several fallen family members. This just is another reminder of the kind of Christian parents we need to be and continue to teach and raise up followers of Christ!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mixed Chicks

So excited I finally ordered the product for Aaron's hair even though it's short short right now I wanted to let the curls grow out and thought I would try this product to see if I get a more even curl, now the wait for it to grow.... Not very patient want those curls back.

Trying to figure this out?

Ok need some feedback, trying to make blog private but open to those who's blogs I lave to read is it working, Hmmmm.... I added some more of my favorites and pick up email off your blogs to invite so is it working. Just want this blog to be open for other mommies to read.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm back!

Ok not sure yet how I'm gonna do this #1 figure out how to do this so only my blog buddies can read, go private so I'm working on that. #2 Well nevermind everything will be taken care of if the world can't see my blog as far as privacy for our family.
I miss blogging so much and I have just been lurking around the blogs reading everyone's and I want to post too LOL!
Also my world seems so quiet right now... Funny that usually doesn't happen to me much I have a way of filling up my plate.

So time to play catch up, Yesterday my oldest turned 16, took his drivers test and passed and is officially on the road driving to school and picking up our 13 year old so my Taxi job just slowed way down instantly.

Our baby is in afternoon DD 3 year old program at big boy school, a bus picks him up and drops him off literallly at our front door, He loves it!

Real Estate is still extremely slow for me right now, so I have a lot of time on my hands and guess what keeps coming to mind.... yep a baby girl or toddler girl hmm
I'm trying to be really patient and wait on God I completely believe God has a plan for each of us, he and DHS knows I'm open and ready for a baby so when I don't know when and how well thats easy, So please be praying for our family to go in the direction God calls us to!