Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm sorry but three snow days with three kids in house or tracking in slush and salt don't mix at this house. Now I love my children dearly (all three) and couldn't imagine my life without them but I think i'm losing my mind I think I need to pray for forgiveness. Ok here is our home all covered in snow/ice

Monday, January 26, 2009

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I'm safe!

Made it to Tulsa and back today and no accidents yeah! Very scary though I saw at least 50 accidents some fender benders some looked not so good! Had to go for a closing with my mom, we passed by St. Francis hospital that brought back so many memories when we picked up sweet Ashlein!(what a miracle) Miracle to that I had a closing they are far and few between lately. Ok, I'm wondering if anyone has good ideas for a place to pick up birth mother bday cards I found them online but would be nice to find at a store also a nice gift with something to do with birth mothers, I know she is expecting a gift card like always but I think something special would be nice Thought Molly you might have a good suggestion. Ok, well hope everyone is safe and warm with their families tonight.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My not so much "baby" boy

A.T.'s turning 15 Wed. and I'm a little emotional about this I can't believe in one more year we all know how fast that goes, he will be driving. I know we have him in our home till hes almost 19 and ready to go off to college but I also know once he gets his liscense my time with him gets even shorter. Anyways jsut wanted to share. I'm completly consumed in the book "The Shack" 2 days and i'm more then halfway through oh my goodness what an amazing book! A must read!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Booth at Edmond Antique Market

I'm pretty excited I have been able to turn my hobby into profit, Dec. was our first month and did great! So wanted to show off the new room this month!

My neighbor and I are in this together she makes the signs and frames.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

I'm so excited for this year! I'm sure God has big plans for my family and love ones and just knowing that has made me ready to embrace this year! This month my oldet turns 15, next month my husband turns the big 40 and our baby turns 3. Then in May my baby girl turns into a teenager scary thought. I'm determined to gain more knowledge of Gods word and focus more energy on things that matter and make a difference for his Kingdom, as I was so reminded in 2008 our life here is so short, losing my step brother and step father 9 months apart. I'm sure Aaron will still fill most of my days with just keeping up with him and his ups and downs, but I'm really praying as to what direction I'm to go when it comes to fostering children. I will continue to Sell Homes as God provides but that has slowed down so much that some days I completly forget I'm a realtor. My new adventure of having a booth in the Edmond Antique Mall selling my painted furniture is going well and I really enjoy doing that so I will continue to pursue that. As most every American I'm thinking of my weight and getting better in shape this year and really just wanting to do it for my peace of mind. All in all I'm so happy I began to blog and read others blogs and I think it is amazing way to share and to learn and to know that their are many moms out there just like me who like to type about their Pride and Joy's our children God has blessed us with! Happy New Year.