Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just wanted to say goodbye to all my blog friends! I will continue to check your blogs and comment: I have grown to enjoy so many blogs especially the ones I feel connected to by sharing similair stories, but feel led by the spirit at this time that I need to delete my blog. I wish we lived in a perfect world where there was no worries for safety and worrying about protecting our children from harmful people but until God comes back for us this doesn't exist. God Bless and I will stay in touch by email and comments Tracy and Molly!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Such a very proud Great Aunt oh that sounds old, oh well

Oh my gosh this was such an exciting night for me, I was overwhelmed by joy and goosebumps, being able to just enjoy the birth of my precious great nephew last night, well 2:20 in the morning actually. I couldn't help thinking about Aarons birthmother, through in all those hours we had waiting in the waiting room, heavy on my heart were the birth mothers who go into have thier babies and have either have choosen adoption or have thier babies removed from DHS, how many emotions and how sad it must be for them to leave the hospital after 9 months of a baby growing inside them and all the pain of birthing them and then they're gone. Anyways praying for all those moms tonight! Here is a glimpse of my perfect nephew