Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Month old pics

So I'm a little late but took these pics last week on miss Lavender's 1 month birthday. She is precious the best baby I have ever taken care of seriously... She already bobs her head over to my voice when I'm talking and she clings on to me so sweetly. She is already girly and the WHOLE Payne household is in LOVE!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Madi

I just have to brag on my girl for a post. She is amazing she has the gift of loving babies like her mom! Seriously we are fighting over this baby well not really but she has been a huge help and she loves it. Today her and her friend took Aaron to the zoo while I did the grocery shopping and running around and my sweet mom took care of Lavee. Tommrow I'll post some of the pictures she took of Aaron at the zoo, I love this girl!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet kids, tired mommy short post!

Mix up a four year old who never sleeps through the night, a 2 week old baby girl and daylight savings time! My eyes are burning it's 9 oclock. I couldn't resist posting some adorable pics and then heading off to bed. We are calling her Lavee Aaron pronounces "My Labby" it's really cute!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Foster Daughter

She is precious and so tiny, she looks so much like Aaron did when he was a newborn and yes she is a beautiful chocolate baby. Aaron just kept saying, mama it's me it's me LOL meaning, she looks like me. Aaron was incredible tonight with her and walked the worker out, when he saw that the car seat she was carrying was empty he said, " Hey your baby" I told him no she's staying here his eyes got as big as his head he covered his mouth like oh my gosh. Just as I thought I'm having to fight for my right to hold her from my two teenagers, our son 16 had 4 guy friends over yet he stopped and took her from me to give her a bottle. Anyways I only got one picture tonight it was crazy around here and it was on my phone tommrow I promise pictures. Since this blog is private I will let you in on her name. Lavender..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tommrow we get our newest fosterdaughter!

I will just call her LaLa. Can't wait so excited hope I can sleep tonight! Well thats all for now they are doing a search for relatives so do not know how long this placement will be or how short but just so excited to love on a sweet girl!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Foster mom!

Yep, that's what I do. Well the last year and half since we finalized our Adoption of Aaron we have not taken a long term placement but have stayed certified because this was my hearts desire. Aaron has had his fair share of challenges and we have been very challenged as parents learning how to deal and cope with a child that has Sensory Integration Disorder, also called Sensory Processing Disorder. It lends itself to autistic like behavior very low on the spectrum but very similar. This also looks a lot like ADHD and is very commonly mistaken for ADHD but after a lot of research, doctors,psychologists, trying meds., counseling you name it I have done it! Nothing as far as medicine worked made symptoms worse in fact. Now finally at 4 years old we have learned a lot of techniques and skills as parents on how to do deal with his behavior and issues. Aaron is in the 3 year old developmentally delayed program and next year will attend pre-k but integrated in at a slow pace his class now has 6 kids where the pre-k class has 20. With all that said he is the light of our world and would do everyhting all over again because we have been blessed as a family having Aaron a permanent part of it.
Ok so now onto the foster part, because of above mentioned I have been very cautious about taking another placement, after our sweet Ashlein left at 6 months old I tried to take another baby a couple months later and he was a very sick little baby I was in the ER with him all night came home didn't get a wink of sleep cried and cried and told my husband he was right, I can't do it, I was exhausted, emotional, and couldn't stand the thought of calling DHS and telling them I could not do it but I did and it was extremely hard the baby was a nephew to our Aaron. So over the last couple of years I have done respite for some friends of mine that were foster parents and on time for a foster parent I did not know. That turned into a complete mess and we were dragged through an investigation because we took the two little ones to the lake for the weekend they had the time of their life, loved the water the boat ect. but got sun burned in areas I missed with sunblock and all of the sudden over night we were being investigated for neglect. Fast forward now 6 months ago we were assigned a new worker because DHS revamped all their divisions. New worker called once introduced herself to me and went over our criteria for placements, short term or emergency and respite but for families we knew. never heard again from her until a month ago I was in the recovery room with Baby Jayden after one of his surgeries and she asked me to take to infants for respite for the weekend I said I could not and explained the volunteering I was doing for Jayden. Now this month March we are up for renewal, my worker called me and said Kristy my supervisor Say's since you don't have a placement and are not willing to take one we are going to have to shut down your home as a foster home. WHAT I was in shock and said I'm going on a date night with my husband tonight we will discuss this and can I call you on Monday, she said yes. I called her back yesterday and after a long conversation I think we got on the same page I told her I was not willing to give up my license. And told her umm you have only called me one time in 6 months and because I didn't take that placement you are ready to shut us down? Anyways again I so wish for DHS to get a system that works in the best interest for the kids not what easiest for the under paid over worked workers. So after our long conversation she said she would call if not today this week so I'm preparing my home pulling out the baby stuff and I'm really excited to see what Gods plans are for us, I really think that when Randy sees that it is not like when Aaron was a baby, it will actually be good for Aaron to have a baby around.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cutting back

So I thought I would list a few things that I have been able to save on and cut back the monthly budget. #1 tommrow we are presenting a offer on a house down the street that I love, it's not for sale but hey the last two houses we have bought in this neighborhood have not been for sale, I have just pursued them. It will be a serious downsize for us but the whole family is excited about it we would be going from 3222 square feet to 1900 square feet and 1200 square foot garage which part of would become a hang out for the teens! Please pray they take our offer. Ok next I cancelled my club smilebox $5.99 a month but hey every penny counts. Next and this little bit of info is for all my buddies who have adopted through DHS. If you have anyone in your home on Medicaid state insurance you can drop your well for us Cox bundle by $20.00 our phone line went down to a dollar a month by just inquiring about it today. Ok so excited about cutting back and saving money if anyone has more ways to cut back let me know!