Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aaron loves to watch this one!

More Crashing

Were Back!

I'll post a couple not so good videos of mommy and Aaron sledding.

Aaron loved sledding.
My oldest mastered snow boarding so proud of him! He is almost as tall as me I'm 5"11".

End of the day and too tired to stand!

Aaron would stand at the glass sliding door and do the OU sign with his arms to our neighbors at the condo and when they would hold up thier OSU blanket A.T. taught Aaron to turn his bottom to them OH my goodness it was hillarious when we came out they tried to give Aaron a OSU blanket. Oh yeah he is a little mad he couldn't get the ski boots on!

Molly your not alone I also missed the blog world! We were in Angel Fire New Mexico and I couldn't get web access a good thing I guess but I missed getting online! We have had an amazing Holiday season especially Christmas! Here are some of our pics.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dedicating Ash

Great Weekend

Isn't she adorable! Our sweet princess.

Say cheese!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ashlein's Here for her Dedication and our Christmas together!

This is the day I had to say goodbye. I cried alot as this is the hardest thing I have ever been through, I would be fine one minute and start balling the next I felt as though I was losing a child.
This was the night before she left we decided to celebrate our Christmas with her and give her, her gifts, although my husband remained strong his way of showing emotion was holding her a lot and making sure that he told me to tell her Gma how she needed to be burped about every 2 ounces! Two babies wasn't always easy but I wouldn't of had it any other way.

We all fell in love with this angel!

She still loves lots of hugs and kisses!

Ok so I will probally be posting a lot the next few days once I get the toddlers to bed because I have found it to be completly therapeutic to type all of my emotions as if I'm journaling, plus I enjoying reading everyone's blog so much so I hope I can share a bit of our lives and how God has blessed our family. Oh yeah also I got a new camera like I said in the last post so I'm taking well the whole family is taking like 100 photos a day but these are pictures I scanned in tonight to share our story of our sweet girl Ashlein. We were asked to be her God parents by her Grandmother a month ago and asked if we would dedicate her at our church. This is 2 years excatly from when her grandma now mama took her from our home to live with her. So what an amazing Christmas Season it is, and how God has worked in all of our lives for his Glory! I will share pictures of the Dedication after Sunday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party with Siblings



This is the second anual Christmas Party at our house with Aarons Siblings. New camera early Christms present I'm sooo excited.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proud Mama moment!

Ok I have always made the Christmas rings with the older kids since they were toddlers as a tradition were you make the amount of rings tell the day of Christmas, link them together and pull one off each day till Christmas. Well the two older kids decided to take it upon themselves to continue the tradition and teach Aaron how to do this, this was without any prompt on my part my 14 year old goes, " hey we need to make our Christmas rings and teach Aaron". This is what happens when a 14 and 12 year old are in control, check out the markers all over!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aaron trying to help daddy put up lights

Couldn't keep him off the ladder!

Mommy's gardening gloves he loves them!

I'm sneaking up quietly.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More pics Freshman Formal Mom&Son

Silly dad get out of the picture...
Sweet ride, we never rode in one of these before.

Parents having a hard time letting go of thier kiddos!

More pics of Freshman Formal

Oh they are soo cute!!!

Freshman Winter Formal

A.T. and Isabelle they have best friends since the 1st grade at Clegern Elementry! Oh my goodness tonight I'm balling I feel like my little boy is all grown up!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm so emotional today and haven't felt this much overwhelming since of emotion since I was pregant oh no jk that shouldn't be possible! I have wanted to cry all day, every song that comes on KLOVE is my song today kinda day. Getting to dedicate Ashlein, opening a booth in the Antique mall, Aaron just walking into his class today at Mothers Day Out without even looking back 1st time he usually cries and clings onto me, the holiday season 1st without my stepdad as he has gone on to his eternal home, both my older kids will not be home tell after 6:00 because of school sports gosh I could just go on and on can't I. Anyways I'm already feeling better just writting or typing rather it out. I'm so excited for Tracy's family on the match I haven't stop thinking about that all day and the meth keeps coming to mind how Aaron just screamed and screamed and God gave us the strength to carry on night after night now we didn't have an insight on exactly what was used with the exception on the opiate birthmom was positive for at birth. Ok I'm crying now but in a good way I have never felt happier and enjoying my family so much knowing each day is a precious gift from God!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dedicating Ash

after the weekend spent with sweet little Ash, Grandma well one grandma she lives with two that adopted her asked us if anything was to happen to Grandma 1 would we consider raising Ash OMG yes of course also she asked us if we would be her God parents, she wasn't sure if that was something you just wrote down or did, I explained to her the process of dedication at our church and we would love to dedicate her as we didn't get to when she lived with us because of timing. They want this done and so Dec 21 if all goes according we will be dedicating this sweet girl and hopefully grandmas will come to witness they do not go to church but believe in God. Please pray as I know God is doing his work as always through us and I give him all the Glory, we will be having our baby Ash dedicated exactly 2 years after we handed her over to Grandma.